Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Matt Stafford's fall.

Now, we all know that it seems as if Jason Smith is going to be the #1 pick in this years draft. And you know what? It's a perfectly okay pick. I kind of caught a riser when I did my thought exercise.

(To say nothing of Jarron Gilbert, but that's another story.)

But the question then remains, where does Stafford fall to?

Now sure, Marc Bulger is about 1/5th the man he used to be. But the Rams? They like Eugene Monroe. And it's a good fit. (And they have spectacular needs at other positions as well. Not to mention that whole copycat league thing.)

So if not the Rams, and we know what the Chiefs have done, do the Seahawks take an heir apparent for Hasselbeck? They could. But they reloaded with Houshmanzahdeh and they have an opportunity to greatly aid their defense with B.J. Raji. They may try to reload here and see about someone on the Nate Davis, Pat White plane later.

The Browns may not be happy with where they stand at quarterback, but their defense was spectaculawful last season, and the Braylon Edwards question probably has more to do with this than any bad performances from Horse Balls and Dr. Quinn.

Bengals have Carson Palmer and he should be healthy.

Raiders have JaMarcus Russell and it is only year two of him as a starter.

The Jaguars? Not if Michael Crabtree falls here. They have a team that, as before and as forever, is one wide receiver away from glory. Garrard is tolerable. If Crabtree is here? Crabtree goes here.

Green Bay obviously doesn't need a quarterback. Obviously. But that being said? Ted Thompson is more than willing to listen to a fair offer to move up here. If the Niners don't pay attention? Some team like the Broncos or the Bears could be snaking their dream scenario.

Now the Niners have a dream coming true if Stafford falls here. There is a 99 and 44/100th chance of an upgrade at quarterback if they decide to take Matt Stafford. Now, sure, they could want an Andre Smith or a Brian Orapko. But I think Niners fan would have a vintage fit of pique of they pass on Stafford.

Matt Stafford will fall. And it will be the storyline ESPN will beat into the ground. But if he gets past #10? Then somebody is making a big mistake.

And this is from the guy who deigned call him a possible Joey Harrington. Imagine if somebody who liked him imagined him falling to #11 or beyond.

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