Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now everybody is going to give you a ranking of last 4 in and first 4 out...

And you know what? I will too. With USC in and Baylor out, some would say that a bid has been stolen. Now I say that Joe Lunardi is just being sagacious. USC did enough when they beat UCLA.

That being said? If I do not make a suggestion of the Last four and First four out, I will be doing a disservice to the blogosphere. So here we go now.

Last 4 in:
Maryland (Inconsistent play is overcome with a batch of high quality wins toward the end.)
San Diego State (Their computer numbers are hard to deny.)
Michigan (Michigan's SOS is just too strong to deny with their passable RPI. 43/14. It has to get in.)
Auburn (They are the hottest team in the Big Six going into the tournament, and if you note that Kovortney Barber was injured while they scuffled through the non-conference schedule. They get in.)

First 4 out:
Penn State (Only one team has had a worse RPI and got in. If they beat Iowa in their last regular season game? They would have been in.)
Creighton (Like I said, they got destroyed in their final game. It killed Illinois State last year. It means Creighton will be dead this year.)
St. Mary's (CA) (Can the random post conference tournament game wash away the pain of losing to the Zags by 24? I say no. But the NCAA may make me a liar.)
New Mexico (The best conference champion. Their fatal flaw is that their RPI and SOS is just not strong enough for them to make the tournament with no wins in the conference tournament.)

But the way this year goes? You may find me a genius? A liar? Or somewhere in-between.

Keep watching.

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