Friday, March 27, 2009

Racism makes me mad.

And I know that's a simple and didactic statement. But you know what? When there's not much I can do from where I sit, there's not really many emotions I can feel. Sure, it pisses me off to see someone get themselves put upon by something less than a man because they are a different skin color. But?

I wasn't going to donate anything to the Dallas Policeman's ball. Yeah, I'm talking about the Ryan Moats incident. It's in my head. I wanted to talk about this last night, but I felt like trying to take a day to gain perspective. But I can't.

With people like Robert Powell in the world? We still have a long way to go. I know, playing the race card isn't very cool. But let's be honest here. Ryan Moats and his family are African-American, and Mrs. Moats got a gun pulled on her as she hustled in to the hospital.

The two hospital security guards? African-American.
The officer from Plano? African-American.

It was not until a white hospital worker came out to solve this did Powell let Moats in. And you know what? He worded the report as such that Moats was fleeing from a felony.

And he thinks he did nothing wrong. That's the fucked up thing. He thinks he did nothing wrong. You pull a gun on the woman in the family, you threaten a man who ran a red light to go to an emergency room with all sorts of trouble when you hear him say that family of his is dying, you have most of the state, let alone the country thinking your ass too incompetent to work mowing a small lawn.

And the fact that Ryan Moats stayed cool under all that assholerics?

He's a better man than I could ever be.

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