Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Seasonal Arc Show...

There are so many challenges to make a show like that successful. I mean, you have to go through all of the hoops to get a show on the air. And if it's an episodic show, you feel like you can jump in midway through the season and feel like you missed nothing.

Oh, look, The Big Bang Theory made a joke about someone that looks nerdy! Yeah. That sort of thing. But if you go with a seasonlong arc? Bad things can happen.

1) If you don't catch an audience early, you aren't going to catch an audience.

Imagine a show like Lost. Now, I count one of my proudest moments as my Matt Fraction interview. So you know I like my science fiction. And yet? I missed this. And when I wake up, it's six weeks later and I find that this show has too much meat to for me to catch up. I'm a small town boy. I have no TiVO!

So, the island and I never meet. It is what it is. Glad it's popular. Glad Hurley gives hope for factors. But the audience is limited at best.

2) You cannot get good by Episode Six.

I love Reaper. Really and truly. Ray Wise is the best supporting actor in a comedy series and the Emmys are a farce until he gets recognized. But the first part of the season was awful. The superhero will they-won't they I can't tell my secret identity was just lame. And I almost dropped the show. I'm glad I didn't. But I almost did.

Dollhouse just got interesting on Episode Six as well. There were three twists that made the end of the episode awesome. Not to mention the fact that Patton Oswalt can act. That makes me want to see Big Fan. It will be the next effort of the dude who wrote The Wrestler.

Patton for Best Actor? Perhaps.

Anyway...the reason why you can't wait for Episode Six to get good is because the casual fan who may be willing to try an episode or two is already gone. Not to say that the talent for Dollhouse didn't beat the fact that episode six was going to change the game into many brains, but it barely made a dent in the ratings. Now we'll watch to see what happens in further episodes.

Okay. You had me be opinionated. You had me pontificate. You waited paitently. So here's a free Eliza Dushku photo.

Eliza Pictures, Images and Photos

It has a basketball. Thereby it fills my sports promise.


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