Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homefield Advantage Is Always Important...

This is why I'm still wondering about Utah State getting the automatic berth. I'll be honest, this is like the dilemma of bear versus shark. Jokes about Stew Morrill aside, it's a question that solely depends on home court advantage.

See, while Nevada is sleek and has somebody named Luke Babbit who may grow up to be a killing machine. Utah State is lumbering. Beastly. Most every swipe can draw blood. And even if they go on the road?

If they can play their game on the edge of the water? They will come up with the fish. Nevada is not nearly as good of an attacker on land. See?


Fine. Let me try it this way. Luke Babbitt is a shark. Gary Wilkerson is a bear.

Gary Wilkerson is going to kick his ass.

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