Sunday, March 29, 2009

There are two quarterbacks that teams have...

That should belie them needing a first round quarterback.

Now, it looks as if the New York Jets aren't going to go after a quarterback in round one. So, if you are a member of the Brett Ratliff nation? You should feel okay in thinking that he can change the world.

But here's something that I can't understand, why has everybody jumped off of the Josh Johnson bandwagon? I mean, Football Outsiders compared him to Randall Cunningham. Now they're expecting a pretender like Josh Freeman to come in. That's Mel Kiper talk. You cannot take that.

Josh Johnson is going to be a great pro quarterback. He doesn't have the completion percentage issues of a Josh Freeman. He uses his legs as a weapon, not as a crutch. And he also has a smooth throwing motion. He has all the tools. And he's had a year to adjust.

I know he's not the new regimes guy. But he really should be. If I'm anybody else? I make an offer so they can have Josh Freeman.

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