Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Brewers supposition...

The Brewers will be underrated at starter. I expect a healthy Chris Capuano. Add that to a Gallardo-Parra-Bush triumverate? And there may not be so much with the spectacular downfall.

That being said? Todd Coffey? He will be the closer at some point for your Milwaukee Brewers. I know. It sounds crazy. And I will allow you to be right.

But that being said? I think it was Bill James who said that once you show a skill, it does not disappear. And 2006 Todd Coffey? He had a closer of the future rep. He had a 96-MPH fastball that sunk as well as a splitter that was different somehow. But does he have a weakness? Uh-duh.

But outside options? Keep dreaming that Trevor Hoffman will come. That won't happen. Brandon Lyon would be passable. Except for the fact he would be the third best pitcher and the sixth best arm in the bullpen.

Yeah, he's better than Gagne. But isn't that like saying Leverage is better than Oceans 12 AND 13? It's a nasty backhanded compliment. And this is why Brandon Lyon won't close. He sucks for months at a time. And it was David Coverdale who said once bitten, twice shy baby.

And thus? It all comes back to Coffey. He will improve on his save percentage. Bank on it.

UPDATE: Thanks for the link Brew Crew Ball. And thanks for spoiling my next post. Meanies.

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