Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm bored...

So, how about I make a list post of the Best Super Bowl Counterprogramming? Okay.

10) Celebrity Rehab Presents: Sober House

9) World Series of Poker: ESPN
All the social awkwardness of the Las Vegas Main Event, now with Magnificent Vistas of Europe!

8) Ghost Hunters: Sci Fi
People get freaked out by abandoned buildings!

7) Beach Marathon: The Travel Channel
I live in Wisconsin! This and Heat in HD is...fuck! I love it!

6) The Closer Marathon: TNT
Obligatory reference of how Kyra Sedgewick looks like John Rocker? Sure.

5) Predator Raw: The Unseen Tapes
Have a seat for Chris Hansen commentary and Creepy Dudes! Drink for every wispy mustache you see! Find out just what that BET Comedian is talking about when he leaves the "Black People v. White People Material"

(And if you happen to be one who would engage with the underage, the Bratz Movie is on Showtime.)

4) House
Finally! A procedural with No Private Investigation by Non Cops! On USA!

3) God vs. Satan: History Channel
Or Kurt Warner versus Ryan Clark. Somebody with that sort of aggression toward other men has to have something deep seated.

2) Death Wish Marathon: AMC
Charles Bronson shoots people in the face for vengance!

1) The Puppy Bowl! Animal Planet!
Back when Elvi wasn't too cool for school and we were at the old site, we were the leaders of Sports Blog Puppy Bowl coverage. Will there be a Puppy Bowl Liveblog? I don't know. We do thse things spur of the moment. And Elvi? He is mercurial.

But rumor is there's going to be some dastardly fan interference?

We may meet you there. We may not.

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