Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Mike Conley Experience...

Mike Conley had a high upside going into the draft. He was the Shawn Michaels to Greg Oden's Big Daddy Cool. He looked like another possible Chris Paul in the eyes of some. And he was drafted in the Top 5.

However? At this juncture, Ramon Sessions is a better player. I will say this again. Ramon Sessions is a better player. Hell, he's a better player than Luke Ridnour, but Scott Skiles is a racist, so let's move on.

See, Sessions is a master distributor. He has the ability to run an offense from the mid-90's Fratello Cavaliers all the way to seven seconds or less. The big bugaboo is his jumper, but he's improving. He's not a stopper. But he's not useless as a defender.

But his contract is going to be coming up, and the Bucks have been burned by MLE idiocy of previous administrations, so they are going to get busted up again here. Why? Because until Mike Conley hits the weight room like a big boy? Ramon Sessions is a better player.

I mean, there has to be a reason why Kyle freaking Lowry keeps taking his job, right? He's a Skiles guy. Skiles would love his defense. But he has nowhere near the potential upside of Mike Conley.

And did I mention that in this deal we would be giving up on the upside of Joe Alexander? Sure, he hasn't shown much. But with me being wrong on Mbah a Moute, as well as Jefferson, Villanueva, and Scott Skiles favorite Malik Allen? How much opportunity to show himself has he had this season?

Of course, I could be wrong. Conley could find religion after he travels to the dessicated hellhole known as Milwaukee. Alexander could be a nothing but a bust. Sessions' ceiling isn't much higher than his floor.

But I doubt it. I trust my first instinct on NBA trade rumors. This one stinks.

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