Friday, January 30, 2009

I Taped the St. Mary's Gonzaga game...

Why? Because I found a radio feed of Utah Valley State and Chicago State. 123-121. 4 overtimes. Ryan Toolson scored 63. David Holston had 41. John Cantrell added 40. I would take these three, and go seven seconds or less on every team I saw, and everyone would love it.

But that's a digression. I saw things in the Gonzaga game that you would not believe...and in list form, I will share with you this news.

1) Patrick Mills has a chance to be special.

While he is till more of a combo guard than pure point, he is a man who can do special things. He is learning to use his distributional skills, but if you have to run your offense through one guy? You could do worse. Just hope that that wrist isn't broken.

2) Gonzaga is the team to hate for Hardcore basketball fans.

This is a team that plays dirty. Austin Daye's move for when he cannot power himself into position? A hook of the arm. And do not get me started on Jeremy Pargo. Watch the replay of that game. Before Mills went down, who had his hand with a fistful of shorts? Pargo. Who pulled his shorts? Pargo.

They're Mid-Major Duke.

3) Of course maybe they need to cheat.

Gonzaga Protip? Any team that can assert itself on the offensive glass has a punchers chance against Gonzaga. That's why St. Mary's team of Simpson and Samhan were able to keep them in it before the bottom completely fell out. If Jacksonville draws them in Round 1? Take the points, Gamblers.

4) Matt Bouldin: Grown Ass Two-Guard
I can't hate everything about the Zags. Bouldin's skill set is pretty intriguing. He is a sharpshooter from beyond the arc who has a way finding an offenses passing lanes. He's at the wrong school, but until he draws a bullshit charge or Ginobili's when he gets called for a foul? I have no beef with him.

(Feburary 24th? Chicago State travels to the Utah Valley State. There will be points.)

Update: Mills is out for a month. I'm a man who would wish a bad things on people. But if any of you would throw Jeremy Pargo to the ground? I'll give you a dollar.


Jakob Kagel said...

Mills is already special!!!!

Andrew said...

I meant above and beyond college.