Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For an ill-considered novelty t-shirt, the Cubs sign an unpredictable element.

I'm of two minds on Milton Bradley. If healthy? The Cubs have themselves a guy who could go .315/.395/.560. He is going to be a real force for evil.


But here's where this so-called wicket gets sticky. Sure, he's slotted in right field. And that's cool, Fukudome was kind of a lot of drag on the team. But then there's that whole injury prone thing. And this isn't a brief run either. How about a quick game of one of these things is not like the other. Last season, Milton Bradley played 126 games as mainly a designated hitter.

Before that?
2002: 98
2003: 101
2004: 141
2005: 75
2006: 96
2007: 61

See a developing trend here kids?

And of course, any Milton Bradley discussion does have to touch on his temper. It is what it is, and while he has mellowed some has he has fallen over the age of 30. However, Lou Pinella has a strong personality, and I kind of want to punch him. And I am a mellow leader of the future.

So what does it all mean. He is a when healthy guy. When healthy, he could roll out a line of .950 OPSery. But every game over game 100?

It's gravy.

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