Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am slightly bereft with a 30% chance of ennui.

Now the Bucks have a 2-guard problem.

Sure, Michael Redd had some severe flaws in terms of motion as well as defense. And he has developed into a bit of an injury prone struggle bug in recent seasons. But Redd is a shooter nonpareil. And 20 PPG just doesn't grow on trees.

(Well, it can, but it's rare.)

Here's the thing. As a spare part plucked from Europe? Charlie Bell was a sparkplug. It was awesome to watch and he developed into a cultish hero. But then he got the mid-level exception, and had an off year.

C'est la vie, I guess. Because Bell just may develop into a Skiles favorite. Undersized, gritty, a good defender. He can score if asked too.

But this is now officially a team that has to pick up the pace. It's too small to live and die by the halfcourt sets.

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