Friday, January 9, 2009

The KenPom 100 II: The All-American-American Conference...

So when a boy is bored, they go back to a project post. And this is mine. What does the Conference of America's Most American Basketball teams do?

1. Memphis (Their swagger comes from their defense. Tyreke Evans needs a better shot selection, even if the hands are fast, a.k.a. tigerstyle. But Shawn Taggart has been low-post awesome.)
2. UAB (Outside of Arizona, they have no quality win. Robert Vaden has felt a need to bomb with no compunction. Lawrence Kinnard is a tall three playing as a five. They could fall off to 17-12, 9-7 levels.)
3. Houston (For a team that takes such excellent care of the ball and generates big defensive plays? They have lost to some awful teams.)
4. Tulsa (Jerome Jordan is awesome. The rest of the team is all about the glue guy.)
5. UTEP (Randy Culpepper's incessant need to bomb is the reason why this team is underperforming and it may cost Stefon Jackson a pro job. Also stop fouling so damn much.)
6. Southern Miss. (Jeremy Wise competency has allowed the team to eye a potential College Basketball Invitational Berth. Good looking out on that.)

Yay! I posted again!

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