Monday, January 5, 2009

What Ho SEC? Why are you kind of weak?!?!

Well, because the SEC West is made of Medicore. There are three good second tier teams of the SEC East. And yet? What do we know about them!?!

SEC East
1) Kentucky (Patrick Patterson is a great low-post force. He has a great wingman with Perry Stevenson, and because of that? Jodie Meeks can keep gunning.)
2) Tennessee (Brian Williams and Wayne Chism are a great rebounding tag team. And with Tyler Smith? They have a great frontcourt.)
3) Florida (Mareese Speights riding the bench of the 76ers has killed this teams chances of becoming a title contender. Also? Walter Hodge needs to be offensively assertive.)
4) South Carolina (The stats may be a schoch inflated, but this is a team of playmakers. Devan Downey has hands and wheels of steal. Dominique Archie is for a salad bar. But Kentucky and Tennessee could eat them alive if they don't control tempo.)
5) Vanderbilt (A.J. Ogilvy has a great shot at the power and glory of what being the next Andrew Bogut would mean.)
6) Georgia (Play Travis leslie more! Do it now, Dennis Felton! He will save your job! I mean it!)

SEC West
1) LSU (They make teams shoot bad. But yet, Bo Spencer needs to shoot more. An assertive Bo selector is a better Bayou Bengal.)
2) Auburn (They may not be great outside of Korvortney Barber, but they are pretty strong defenders.)
3) Arkansas (They rock the offensive glass. Marcus Britt and Rotnei Clarke can score, and Courtney Fortson can distribute. This is a potentially spectaculr team next season.)
4) Ole Miss (The Chris Warren experience has broken down. This leaves David Huertas as a one-man army. Murphy Holloway needs to step up.)
5) Mississippi State (Dee Best is a decent Freshman point guard. Jarvis Varnado is positively Mutomban in his low-post defense. But after that, it's nothing but youth energy.)
6) Alabama (There's a seeming amount of talent with JaMychal Green, Senario Hillman, and Justin Knox behind the senior leadership of Alonzo Gee and Ronald Steele. But Steele and Hillman are poor point guards, thus the struggle.)

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