Friday, January 30, 2009

Here's the thing...

The draft compensation issue is something that absolutely needs to be fixed in Major League Baseball. I mean, if you would do a cursory list of a Best Free Agent Available list? You would notice one thing.

They are all Type A Free Agents.

Now that's not to say their unemployment careening up against the time where pitchers and catchers start to report is something that is completely belonging to the greedhead owners. Manny could be had. Boras is just playing the game with him so poorly.

I mean, this isn't wrestling, we don't forget what happened 6 months ago. But that being said? At the rate things were going? Juan Cruz should have been in line to be the highest paid middle reliever in the history of baseball. Now sure, the economy might have something to do with it. But when Paul Bako gets a contract before Orlando Hudson? There's all sorts of strange in the neighborhood.

Are we coming to a world where two draft choices is worth more value than an above average ballplayer? Perhaps.

But suffice it to say, we may see more than one Free Agent of the Type A variety with an unhappy choice. Go back from whence you came or wait out the draft.

Just saying. Adam Dunn may learn an even worse approach at the plate.

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