Friday, January 16, 2009

You know what? If you're Pete Carroll?

And you've spent years chilling with the Hollywood elites? You should have known better. If you cannot bring youself to perform? You just should not bring yourself.

I am appreciative of the fact that Mark Sanchez is slightly inexperienced. I am appreciative of the fact that he does have some rawness to his game. That being said? If you are the best prospect at an important position, you would be stupid to stay another year.

Put it like this. When you start getting your name out in the public eye as a top notch prospect? Everybody starts to look at the upside. The rocket arm, the wicked athleticism? That's what people see first.

If you want to give it a name? Call it the Skita Corolary. But when people start to know your upside and grade you high because of that alone? It's stupid for them to return. Ask Brady Quinn. Ask Brian Brohm. Ask Chris Duhon.

They all lost millions because of it.

So, what does that mean for Mark Sanchez? The class is top heavy, and while I do like Matt Stafford even though he does have the worst-case scenario potential, Sanchez can vault him. That means Top 5 easily. Top 3 if he's sharp. Number 1 if he's lucky.

And even if Pete Carroll has nothing nice to say about that? He should at the very least appreciate the fact Mark Sanchez maximized his value. And any coach who allows his player to maximize his professional value?

He should just be proud and stay out of the way.


KL Snow said...

Amen. I thought Pete Carroll trashing Sanchez's game at his own announcement press conference was the biggest act of douchebaggery he could possibly perform. Show up, be proud, and if you can't do that, just don't be a dick.

As it was, he trashed his QB on national TV. I hope his recruits were watching.

Andrew said...

We shall see if we have some decommits going into national signing day. I hope we do.

But now ESPN has a new angle with USC. So there's that.