Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And now? Utah has to get the AP National Championship.

Forget about USC. Utah played a stronger schedule. They did. USC can blame the utter incompetence of the state of Washington, but USC cannot be considered as a national title contender.

Forget about Texas. You had to struggle to beat Ohio State this year? You can essentially go fuck yourself. Ohio State's big win was Michigan State. They were a team tailor made to get their ass kicked by the Georgia Bulldogs.

And in this instant, we can say the Florida-Oklahoma winner deserves half of it. It's fine. We have no problem calling the Bowl with No Name a National Championship Game.

But Utah ran the table. Utah played 5 teams that were ranked during the year. That's not as many as Florida or Oklahoma. But Florida loaded up on paper tigers. Georgia. LSU. South Carolina. Vanderbilt. And they lost to an Ole Miss team that didn't develop a swagger until they escaped out of Arkansas.

So give Utah a split National Championship. Give Oklahoma and Florida the other one. And ESPN? Break up the BCS please. The top 2 teams will never play with the comedic joke that is the Preseason Polling. So this needs to stop.

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