Saturday, January 10, 2009

The KenPom 100 III: The Atlantic 14

There's a misnomer if there ever was one. I mean, look. Why call yourselves the Atlantic 10 if you have 14 teams? Because you're stupid. Sorry. But you make the Big 10 look like geniuses!


Okay, I'm cool!

1. Xavier (A tall team that gets to the line and has a low post dual-threat in Jamel McLean and Jason Love joining Derrick Brown.)
2. Dayton (They could be 23-1 when they meet Xavier. Their defense is spectacular and Chris Johnson as a freshman has been awesome coming off the bench.)
3. Rhode Island (The good? Jimmy Baron and Keith Cothran are both excellent scoring two-guards. The bads? Marquis Jones is struggling at the point. Also? Teams can score on them at will.)
4. Temple (They have faced a very strong non-conference schedule. If they don't lose heart? Dionte Christmas and Lavoy Allen can take them far. They are two-guard and post-tastic!)

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