Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am in a Rambling Mood...

I have nothing worthy of something beyond a paragraph.

But watch this space, I have an interview upcoming, and it will be the greatest thing ever, or I will have failed. There Ain't No Doubt About It Baby.

With the Diamondbacks signing Jon Garland? I have to wonder if Ben Sheets hasn't sufficently dropped in value that he'll come back in the short term. Not to sound completely Polyannish, but I honestly think 87-75 could take the NL Central this year. Nobody's made near enough of an impact this offseason to take it away.

Though if my irrational love of Aaron Heilman maintains? The Cubs will still be solid.

Jeff Lebo still hasn't been fired yet?

And if I will continue to go through the SEC, The Bucks should call up Derrick Byars from the D-League.

There needs to be a word for when you're all excited to see a movie, but then you see a blurb from a critic who is nothing more than a whore for the studios. There probably is, but you can't search Urban Dictionary by definition.

There is no bigger namedropper in the Nerdy Pop-Culture than Ed Brubaker.

HOLY SHIT JESSICA SIMPSON GOT FAT?!? That makes me feel better about barely working!

Jason Boltus just may be the next great practice squad quarterback. Brett Ratliff style.

If Tyrell Sutton is too expensive to be your Maurice Jones-Drew San Diego? Look for Yonus Davis.

Am I just making up names? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe.


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