Saturday, January 24, 2009

This year has a strange quality in its quarterbacks for the draft.

I am a nerd. I spent last night getting drunk and googling busts/no-names from the 2000 Draft. I dreamed up a Saw like scenario where Ron Dugans and Kwame Cavil were going to have to fight to the death to impress R. Jay Soward.

And there are days where I look at the previous paragraph and know I've lost every reader I have. All 42 of you.

That being said? This year has an interesting quality of a draft much like 1999. Where all but one of the quarterbacks drafted high were a fail. Look it up.

The potential for great success is there. That's for sure. But you start with two juniors. One has inconsistent footwork. One has minimal experience. And if Josh Freeman destroys the combine like you and I both know he can? That moves a great potential prospect into the Tavaris Jackson.

Add in an injury prone Rhett Bomar and a dude who is just generally unorthodox on the football field in Nate Davis? I get the sense that there may be a very X-Playvian grade of a 1 out of 5 for the Day 1 QB's.

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