Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why you should love Chikara...

Now, wrestling is a sticky wicket for many people. It is something akin to performance art. And while the Mickey Rourke movie is something that will give what wrestlers do something redemptive among the masses. A.K.A they are killing themselves to live.

But Chikara is something different. And this is why I must share this with you. And it is a list post. So bear with it you guys.

1) It honors the past.

This is both the successes and the not so much. In the past 12 months, both the 80's classic tag team (Demolition) as well as a failed 90's gimmick (Glacier). They both get treated with love and repsect. They paid the cost after all. (Smash especially).

2) It is made of high-flying fun.

If there is a dominant style within the promotion, it is the Lucha Libre style. And while you can see "serious" luchadors such as Helios and Lince Dorado, you also see such gimmicks as the Super Smash Brothers (Nintendo Controllers on their legs), the Colony (Ants), los Ice Creams (Ice Cream), the Osirian Portal (A dancing pharoah and his snake), and The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Devious Masked Evil). These guys can bring wrestling as well as comedy.

And even such respected indie Superstars as Claudio Castagnoli and Mike Quackenbush can be comedians as well as awesome and versatile wrestlers.

3) They love the Trios.

Trios a.k.a. the six-man tag, is a match that made the first hour of WCW Monday Nitro watchable. And within the greatness of the technical and the lucha-libre and the comedy. The Six-man is something that brings al that and more to the forefront.m

4) Rotating broadcasters.

I like it when senior referee Bryce Remsberg announces because when he gets hyped and amped? He sounds just like Charlie Kelly. Yeah, that's more for me. But still.

5) Free Podcast! A Go-Go!

Watch the youtubes, download it on your podcatching software. It's 6 to 7 minutes of fun, 90 seconds of advertisings. But's it's free! And the theme is awesome!

This is not advertising. I truly believe in the Chikara!

It is awesome.


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KL Snow said...

Word. I own every Chikara DVD from the 2006 Young Lions Cup to present.