Friday, January 16, 2009

So I thought I was brilliant...

I know, big surprise, right?

Anyway, every so often I get a streak of general manager in me and I go looking for a trade that I would make. Like for example? A package of Clay Buchholz, Manny Delacarmen, and Oscar Tejada would potentially be fair market value for the Prince.

But I was in a basketball mood. And I noticed something. The Bucks could move a young player with value and an expiring contract or two and generate something of value. And the right package of three could get a solid if overpriced player. So I went to the ESPN Trade Machine and went to work.

And then I found it. Charlie Villanueva, Damon Jones, and Fransisco Elson for Marcus Camby. Crazy enough it just might work. But then I realized. The Clippers are 15 deep. And then I realized, that there are only 12 active spots.

3 Clippers are injured? What is this? And then I hit on another joke of the NBA. Everybody on the taxi squad is supposed to be "injured." I mean, COME ON.

This has been, Cool Story Bro! Starring Me! Andrew!

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