Sunday, January 4, 2009

So you know what?

I have a full head of thoughts. Bits and Baubles. All sorts of thinsg. So...

I believe in Eastbound and Down

I rented Foot Fist Way. And it was really good. I mean a great character piece. Could it have only been Danny McBride doing it? Probably not. But who could have done it better?

Nobody. This is why Eastbound and Down is going to be awesome. It's the same people coming together for great justice.

Baltimore will beat Tennessee next week.

I am saying it now. It is in the bank. Laugh if I am wrong.

Winter is Hack.

You think you know? But you have no idea.

I want a football pre-game show that is set up like The View.

Not in terms of 4 cougar to elderly harpies. No no. I would love a show with 4 divergent viewpoints. Like if Aaron Schatz, The Mighty MJD, Matt Millen and Bob Costas got together. That would be a pre-game show of potential awesomeness.

And finally...just watch this. It's funny!

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