Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's not ridiculous, LaDainian.

Back at the old site, I actually made one of my smartest posts. It was a comparison of John Hobbes' view of life to the life of a running back. And it's true.

The life of a running back is cold, brutish and short. And when it goes? It goes quickly. The nagging injuries mount. The 4.48 40-time suddenly becomes 4.68. And when the playoffs come? It's nothing more than bikebikebikebikebikebike.

So, when you look at the fact that LaDainian seems to be aghast at the possibility that he may not be in Charger lightning bolts, he is either being nieve or stupid. One, there is a fine vintage of runners available in this draft. Sure, they may not get a chance at Chris Wells or Knowshon Moreno? But I would not be shocked if LeSean McCoy would roll up on them in the first round.

And that might not be as large of a degeneration as you would think right now.

That being said? You could split the duties. Get a versatile small back who's kicking ass in the all-star games like, I don't know, Tyrell Sutton. Give him 150 touches, and you can keep LT fresh for the playoffs. Becuase he's not strong enough to be the workhorse back anymore.

And that is why, they are considering letting him move along.

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