Monday, January 5, 2009

Remarkably? The Big 10 doesn't suck and blow in Basketball.

Really. It's an odd thing, but it's true. They are RPI rich. And even if they aren't top heavy, they are rich in B-list glory. So, what do we know? I'll tell you.

1. Illinois (When the three guards are clicking? Bruce Weber's teams can roll. Chester Frazier, Demetri McCamey, and Trent Meacham have been pretty solid so far. They can shoot and the Mikes can rebound. Sometimes it's as simple as that.)
2. Ohio State (Evan Turner's emergence has more than made up for the sruggles of B.J. Mullens.)
3. Michigan State (You know the team of Raymar Morgan and Goran Suton, and Delvon Roe has been a great defender off the bench. But you know what? This team would be nowehere near as good without Kalin Lucas.)
4. Wisconsin (Play Jon leuer more. He has been an excellent offensive player so far. He may be the zone buster who can allow the Badgers to get clutch down the stretch.)
5. Penn State (Jamelle Cornley has defensive help from Andrew Jones and Jeff Brooks. But even if he struggled versus the Badgers, the reason why this team has been doing pretty well so far is Talor Battle. He is a salad bar of quarterbackery awesome.)
6. Purdue (They defend very well. They take care of the ball very well. They go 8 deep. And beyond the two known studs are emergences of Chris Kramer and JaJuan Johnson. They make big plays.)
7. Northwestern (A solid collegiate triumverate in Michael Thompson, Craig Moore and Kevin Coble. And there is a reason to believe John Shurna has some bills paying skills.)
8. Iowa (Cyrus tate is the low-post defense for great glory. And Matt Gatens could be a great offensive player when he grows up.)
9. Minnesota (They became good because their defense can generate big plays and the offense is efficient. Al Nolen is great at the point and Damian Johnson is a very salad bar version of a slasher.)
10. Michigan (DeShawn Sims, manny Harris, and a very efficient offense have moved this team far away from decrepit all the way to a decent team.)
11. Indiana (Is there hope for the future? The good doctor Tom Prichard is a very good low-post defender. And if Daniel Moore can learn how to take care of the ball? Maybe they can be merely bad next year.)

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