Saturday, December 20, 2008

College Hoop Thoughts...

Random rambles. Bits and baubles. Ready go?

1. The Big Ten isn't going to be your mother's pushover. Sure, they may not have a team that can go toe to toe with a Duke or a North Carolina? But few conferences do. But Minnesota took Louisville to task on a neutral site. And the plucky underdog Davidson? It got evil empired by Purdue.

2. This does not bode well for my Badger hoops team. A really good team would have crushed Coppin State. They would have handled Idaho State. I sense Bubble Watching the Badgers. They need someone who is willing to take the ball to the hole. They do not have it.

3. UConn has the swagger of a champion. Gonzaga impressed the heck out of me with their performance. They held off UConn for the better part of the game. But UConn was just plain better. Sure, A.J. Price was lucky. But they lost Thabeet straight away in overtime. Not a problem.

4. Have you forsaken me, Cyrus Tate?

5. How could you consider a constant press of a team with Blake Griffin?

6. Earl Clark is the next Josh Smith. He may actually BE Josh Smith. Have you seen them in the same room together? My point is made!

7. It still is North Carolina and everybody else in the NCAA. But UConn? They have a chance at making it interesting.

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