Friday, December 19, 2008

Nenad Nenad!

I'll be honest. I was surprised nobody picked him up. A seven footer who can score? A seven footer who can score who's on year 2 after ACL tear? Who wants that?

New Jersey didn't. Chicago didn't really. And nobody was man enough to sign him to an offer sheet. He went to Russia, and like Paul Shirley? He could barely handle twenty percent of a season in Mother Russia.

However? Oklahoma City has nothing left to lose. Kevin Durant is chucking up threes and contemplating suicide. Russell Westbrook is morose. And Zac Robinson just punked out Scotty Brooks. So why not sign the seven-footer who can score?

It wouldn't be a worse Christmas present than having to see the Spirit.

Seriously, read io9. They've got reasons for you to shudder about the Spirit.

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