Thursday, December 11, 2008

When Edwin Jackson is good?

He can be very good. But before this year? Edwin Jackson spent about three or four years in the wilderness. He may have found some semblance of his stride and was able to show some production to meet his potential. And he is still just 24.

But Matt Joyce? Matt Joyce has a little bit of the sleeper to his skills. He played very well in his first half-season in Detroit. He will stike out about 120 times in a season. But his offensive game is very nice. 35 doubles, 25 homers, a passable eye with a slugging percentage that can threaten .500 is magical and rad.

And he can play center field for if and when the Rays tire of B.J. Upton's saucy antics. Could he turn into Mark Kotsay? It's possible. But Matt Joyce's floor is a lot higher than Mr. Jackson's.

Edwin Jackson may turn into a poor man's D-Train.

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Rays Party Leader said...

Your description of Joyce makes me salivate. But Edwin Jackson does have an above average fastball and a developing slider. Interesting site to say the least (whatever that means anyway).