Sunday, December 14, 2008

You want to know the Biggest Mistake Ted Thompson made?

I again say it's not Brett Favre. Because unlike the episode of The O.C. where indecision cost Seth Cohen relations with both Anna Stern and Summer Roberts (and do you think Rodgers would have come back for Favre Gate v. 7.14?), Ted made a decision. You can disagree with it. But at quarterback? The mistake was not made.

Corey Williams was the mistake. Ted Thompson had no inclination to keep the franchise tag on him. Now, since this is a post mortem hindsight sort of a post, I will make this qualification. Corey Williams is not elite. He vacillates between servicable and good. He was a sixth round pick. I would have considered a late #2 for him as well.

That being said? You have almost 20 million dollars in cap room, Cullen Jenkins, and a first round draft choice that even I saw as on a mere weigh station to Bust Junction as your major reserve. You could have splurged on the glue guy. Nobody would have looked upon you crossly for it.

Instead? You trade the pick for Brian Brohm. Who is still a 3rd stringer. And every big loss since Cullen Jenkins went down? The fault of the defensive line. It turns out A.J. Hawk is a guy who needs protection at linebacker to be spectacular. And from Lendale White rumbling the Titans into field goal range to DeAngelo Williams to today with Maurice Jones-Drew, the defense was what fell apart this season.

So when it comes down to it? I implore to Ted. Common sense for next year. Refill the trenches.

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