Monday, December 22, 2008

Do you know Phil Hellmuth?

If not? Ask him. He'll be happy to tell you all about his accomplishments. And when you play the tournament hold 'em, he can be able to play with come competency. But there are holes in his rep.

1. He is a giant douche.
2. He cannot play cash games.
3. He is associated with Ultimate Bet.

If you don't remember the whole Ultimate Bet thing? Read this.

But suffice it to say, Ultimate Bet is still around, and suffice it to say that Phil Hellmuth has a waft of a smoking gun coming from a hand of a pair of twos. Why? Because he won money from three of a kind.

So why may this be something more than a bug?

- PH (Hellmuth) has been on an epic upswing at limit hold-em. According to PH, he was on a 10-day winning streak, wth a $7M profit to show for it, when this hand happened
- Most knowledgable pros think PH isn't really very good at limit hold-em
- There have been multiple instances of UB/AP/Cereus software being rigged in the past
- PH has a very close relationship with UB (shill/sponsored/part-owner)
- As far as anyone can tell, this is the first time this bug has occurred
- During the hand in question, PH played T2s in a manner that some find highly questionable/donkish/suspicious
- PH at first ignored the incorrect outcome of the hand, then tried to brush it off

Could it be nothing? Maybe. But the fact of the matter is I will get this on the brag board. Online poker is burning. And it's a bad scenario.

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