Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love Point Guard Yankee Swap! Where's the Gin?!?1!?!

Eventually, Javaris Crittenton is going to start feeling bad about himself. 3 teams in a year and a half. And this year? The Wizards have nothing to play for. So what do they need to do? Develop the tall back-up with a great first step and fast hands. Because Gilbert is currently a 9 figure sinkhole, and while Mike James could be a Modern day Kenny Gattison, he is not a point guard answer. And probably not worth a first round pick.

(In fact, he is the Stephen Curry disaster scenario.)

Antonio Daniels will never, ever, be a good scorer. But he brings good defense and a competentcy in taking care of the ball to the table. He will never be the Jannero Pargoesque shooter. But he can spot Chris Paul for up to and including 15 minutes a game.

So in closing? Winners: Hornets and Memphis. (Free season of Juan Carlos Navarro!)
Neutrality: Wizards.

Weird sleep schedule? Me.

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