Monday, December 8, 2008

It is almost as if the BCS needed to make a dumber move...

To quiet the shouting of Texas fans, who do have a case that they got screwed.

(Beat Oklahoma on a neutral field, their loss was better than Florida's.)

But the simple fact that Ohio State gets a BCS game while Boise State gets the Poinsettia Bowl? Comedy. What exactly have the Buckeyes done?

Been a "quality" win to both Rose Bowl opponents.
Had a stirring comeback versus 7-5 Wisconsin (And need I mention that I was the only one who said that Cal Poly could beat the Badgers?)
Beat two ranked teams handily.
Ranked behind Boise State in all three major polls.
Tied for the Big 10 Conference Championship when even the staunchest Big 10 Homer would call it a down year.
Did I freaking mention that Boise State is more highly ranked by the computers as well?
Oh, and Boise State ran the freaking table beating two ranked teams with some force along the way.

So would you call this a good business decision? I wouldn't. Do you think a mid-major school with a shot at the big time would not bring the thunder with tickets and packages, even in this tough economic time? And lest we forget, the bowl Ohio State is currently slated to lose would be a return trip for Boise States greatest moment of athletic glory? And do you think another shocker couldn't happen?

This is the largest blight of Bowl Season. Not BYU to Vegas? Mormons built Vegas at the side of Howard Hughes! It's that an unbeaten team has to play before Christmas.

Good looking out on that.

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