Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm going to say something crazy...

Considering my homeristic love of the great Seven Seconds or Less era. Considering my love of basketball versatility. I would be want to say an ill-considered statement. But I am going to say this.

On paper, sure. The Cavaliers would be an instant title contender. And people would not be wrong. A triad of quality can get you far in the NBA. However? Do we know if Shawn Marion wouldn't rather be the man? No.

Anybody who's read McCallum's book as much as I have? You know that Shawn Marion was mercurial during the peak of SSOL. He was not happy being the second banana or third wheel. And in Cleveland? He cannot be the man.

So he might not flourish.

But you know what, as deals go, with Kidd-Harris as a 1 and the Boston purchases as a 10? This would be a 7. It's like having three of a kind versus a straight and flush draw with one card to come. You make the move? And no one hates it.

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