Thursday, December 18, 2008

News in Brief...

The Milwaukee Brewers have been busy signing names you have heard of to contend for outfield spots. These moves do have some semblance of inspiration. I will explain why presently.

Trot Nixon is someone in the late-90's Milwaukee Brewers fanbase would call a rednecked Geoff Jenkins. Not to mean it as an insult. Both were above average corner outfielders with 25-homer power and a cannon arm. Both had a penchant for injury as well as an inability to hit lefthanded pitching. Now while Jenkins was able to get healthy and grow up to become an integral reserve/platoonish type on the Phillies? Trot Nixon has degenerated considerably in recent seasons.

The Brewers don't need him at the peak of his powers. But if he's healthy and can hit righties? He will be more valuable to Milwaukee than C.C. was last season. Or he will get 400 at-bats, make the city fall in love with him, and leave us when a "real" market comes calling.

Chris Duffy? He is Jason Tyner with luck. I'm not saying it as an insult to Duffy. He was on the right team at the right time. But let's be honest. His are the skills of a 4A player. He has great speed, but he cannot hit for nearly a high enough average in the bigs to make his lack of plate discipline a non-factor.

The Brewers are chock filled with this type of player. From Two-Ny Gwynn all the way down to Charlie Fermaint. They do not need another speedster. Michael Brantley is gone. Move on.

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