Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Entertainment Weekly,

What the fuck?

Seth McFarlane is to intelligent television as Loaded Nachos are to the latest reason why America is just so thin. You see? That's what a joke is. Simple. Efficient. To the point.

And it is what South Park used to absolutely destroy MacFarlane and his oeuvre. I mean, you think that's bad? Remember when they made a show that was nothing more than manatees talking politics?

Yeah. That's intelligent. Nothing Trey Parker, Rob McElhenney, Tina Fey, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or the Cleveland Browns fans cheering the fact that they had nothing more than a Ken Dorsey to run the team for a month.

In conclusion, I am going to cancel random subscriptions from your readers because you cannot tell the difference between egotistical derp jokes about random pop culture avatars and intelligence.

Next time? Make it Audrina Patridge. Satire your situation.

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