Saturday, May 2, 2009

Buried in the second round, there lurks a guard without a position that will someday set the world on Fire.

That's the Myth of the Next Gilbert Arenas from Free Darko. It's a reason to draft tweeners, undersized two's, and Luther Head. But never mind all that, I have an early candidate for most likely to be the next Gilbert Arenas.

Jack McClinton
Jack McClinton.

Now let me explain myself before you decide to go trolling for more pictures of Jessica Biel in Powder Blue. He could turn out to go the route of Chris Lofton (a.k.a. the great shooter who has to spend time in Europe). It would be a shame, but with 60 picks and everybody after their own myth of the next, McClinton could fall through the cracks.

But that being said? He is dangerous from pull-up jumper to 25 feet. He gets open. He breaks people off the dribble. He gets the opportunity, and he can get 25 a game. Just like Arenas. And you know what? He's actually showing a developing distributorial game. He'll never be a lockdown defender. But he won't be simply a sieve.

I know I'm chasing a myth by making this claim, but you know what? It's no risk. In fact, if anyone feels so inclined. Bring your MONGA to the comments!



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