Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here's something odd about me...

For such a draft nut? I hate hype. I hate players who are the subject of hype. If I can't wrap my head around the potential success? I'm anti-prospect. You kind of saw it with Matt Stafford. You saw me turn heel on Mark Sanchez.

And Stephen Strasberg? I will fucking believe in him when he hits the bigs. Anybody who deigns call him a sure thing is either foolish or willing to bet nobody goes back and reads these things. (I'm looking at you Anonymnous Padres Scout). Baseball Prospectus has their own aphorism that holds sway here.

There is no such thing as a pitching prospect.

Pitchers lose the plate. They lose the power in their secondary pitches. Their shoulders tear and their elbows pop. And even if they can swing the on-field stuff, fate may stop them before they get there. Every team has a pitching prospect that the fans will wonder what might have been. Oakland has the four aces. The Mets have Izzy, Pulse, and Paul. The Braves have Jung Bong.

And I will tell you now, bold prediction. The Naxpos will get Stephen Strasberg for the list.

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