Sunday, May 31, 2009

This may have been the worst coached Conference Finals...ever.

By now, you know my hatred of George Karl. And someone who has no inbounds play and a team that falls apart if their point guard has a bad game, he gets what he's deserved. Goodbye and good riddance.

But the Eastern Conference finals? In the words of Robert Evans, wow. There was no chance of competency. You have Mike Brown, who decided to improvise instead of designing a play system. And who lost his defense because the Magic had twenty-seven three point shooters. And you have Stan Van Gundy. Who has obviously matured from the guy who took a first round pick in Michael Finley, a second round pick in Rashard Griffith, and a steady college point guard in Tracy Webster and went 13-14 with them.

He is also the man who took 12 playoff games to realize that The Turk bringing up the ball was the best idea for everybody. And he is in uncharted waters. Phil Jackson's been there like 12 times. He's seen everything happen. He will outcoach Stan Van Gundy by a factor of five.

(Note: This is not me making a prediction. I honestly think that coaching won't be a deciding factor in enough games. Also the Magic may actually get up for a big game or two. It's happened before. I know? Crazy right!)

Anyway, Yovani Gallardo is having a good day. I'm happy.

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