Sunday, May 17, 2009

You know why I had nothing to say about Manny?

Because I'll be honest. I didn't care. I don't care. Sure, way back when, my first big post was based on the cheatery of three Baltimore Orioles. But that was just because I am a whore for readers. That one person who doesn't come here for the pictures of Bianca Beauchamp? I love you.

Anyway...why I don't care about Steroids. Simple. My baseball team sucked for the duration of the era. As you know, the kid is a fan of your Milwaukee Brewers. And from 1988 to 2006? The Brewers were good exactly once. And you know why they were good?

Pat Listach. The 1992 American League Rookie of the year. Straight speedster. The 1992 Brewers were the team that held the record for most players with 10 or more steals. They had a game where they used 24 singles to score 22 runs. This was not a team built on two power hitters.

Maybe that's why they fell short. But that's neither here nor there. The team was usless for most of my childhood and the majority of my adult life. If Jeromy Burnitz or John Jaha cheated? They clearly did not cheat enough. In fact? Purely on speculation, Jeff D'Amico probably cheated at some point during the mid 1990's. But it got them nowhere.

It's like the aphorism. Cheaters never prosper. If the Brewers did the former, it never got them the prosper. So you know what? Meh.

(Now watch Ryan Braun test positive for lady drugs.)

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