Friday, May 29, 2009

Have you ever read Flowers for Algernon?

I'm sure you did in some form or fashion. It's like jumior high required reading. If not, a synopsis...

Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old man with an IQ of 68 who works as a janitor in a box factory. Then you know what? He is selected to undergo an experimental surgical technique to increase his intelligence. The technique has already been successfully tested on Algernon, a laboratory mouse. The surgery on Charlie is also a success and his IQ triples.

But he gets too smart for his crush, and loses his job at the box factory. And then Algernon loses his intelligence and dies. As for Charlie? He fades to Bolivian.

Why the literary reference? Because if you think about it? It explains everything.

The Denver Nuggets are a Western Conference team with an IQ of 68 who work as an 8 seed in the Western Conference. Their general manager has selected an expirimental surgical technique a.k.a. Chauncey Billups to increase their intelligence. The technique has already been successfully tested on the Detroit Pistons. The surgery on Denver is a success and their IQ triples.

They become a two seed as Detroit loses their IQ and dies. But like Detralgernon? Their demise is rapid and permanent. The Lakers go to the finals. George Karl fades into Bolivian.

More later-or tomorrow. Bye!

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