Monday, May 25, 2009

EV Peavy Japanesey...

Okay, let's talk Jake Peavy. It all depends on the package the Padres would accept. Because you know what? The Brewers have no pitching prospects. They have names on a list. And if you consider that the Brewers history with pitchers is a dark one? (Outside of Sheets and Gallardo? They have received little from pitching prospects.) If the package is something along the lines of Jeremy Jeffress, Jonathan Lucroy, Alexandre Periard, and/or Evan Anundsen?

You have to at least consider it. I'm not saying you have to go for it. It precludes you from keeping Mike Cameron and he has been quite valuable as a Brewer. In fact, with some of the players hitting arbitration? You may not be able to keep the Fresh Prince of Bread and Candy either.

I'm not as bullish on the Brewers going after Peavy as I was for the Crew to bring Sabathia in. Sabathia was a well-dressed maniac on a contract drive, and you could get him for one big name. Peavy would have gone to the Sox for three. I'm not sure that I want to lose Gamel or Escobar for it.

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