Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey Twitter...

What are you doing? I like hearing half of conversations. Hearing half of conversations allowed me to learn about the Playoff conversational magic between Russ Bengston and Courtside from NBA's finest. Hearing half of conversations allowed me to figure out that Matt Fraction is on twitter. Which is awesome.

But now? Nothing. It's only people I know and fuckers trying to spam me. Not to say that the Twitter Mayor of Portage isn't mad at the people who follow him. But I want the randon @replies back. For the love of Pete, I never knew the Matrix was on twitter.

But this is a microchasm of life on the internet. They keep fucking with things that are good. That's what chased me from the WordPress (and readers). That's why my MySpace is the same as it ever was. And that's why I am morose about twitter's state of affairs.

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