Sunday, May 24, 2009

Story time with The Grand National Championships...

Funny story, I was asked last June to be link buddies with Slam Online. It's true. Someone in the Nets organization liked a post I did and sent me something they overheard. And I scopped Adrian Wojanarski. Really.

I was still not depressed by the tremendous fuck-up that I made by going to Blogger yet. It explains things. I had fire and piss and vinegar. Instead of this ennui that for which I have now. But you know what?

I made a mistake. A terrible mistake. The first post that got linked, was my list of top 25 free agents in the NBA for that season. If perfect is the enemy of done, this was the exception that proved the rule. I made several mistakes and several bad calls. In effect, it was roundly mocked, and deservedly so.

Why am I going off and giving you a "cool story, bro?" Because let's be honest. My largest blogging mistake, and I have made a few. It was not nearly as incompetent as the way an NBA crew runs the game. Imagine if the Cavs went up 2-1? What would the moment that changed the game have been?

Gold star if you thought about Howard's clean block of James that turned out to be a three shot foul. Not to say that the Cavaliers don't have larger problems than the fact the referees want to control the game with an iron fist. But this has the potential to be a fanmaking series.

Two games that literally came down to the last moment, and on a holiday Sunday, we all know people are watching. This probably had good ratings at least through the first first two 15 minute markers. But as the Brewers got beat down? I had no other option. I went to a game where it was essentially threes and fouls, most of them for even considering playing defense on LeBron.

Unwatchable. I mean, these are supposed to be the referees that are the cream of the crop, right? And they call a game with 86 free throws. It's days like this where I wish I stayed not watching basketball.

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