Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Doug we Trust...

Back during the days of building the Brewers, that was the mantra. Dougie Baseball is a canny trader. And he was able to get good value from the assets that he received. Even when fans didn't believe that he got enough? He got enough. (Remember the haul for Carlos Lee? He made it work. Tim Gunn style.)

Today, while everybody is stunned at Kenny Williams rolling up and trying to grab Peavy? The Brewers snuck under the radar and got something nice for what's essentially free talent. A.K.A. Tony Gwynn Jr. for Jody Gerut. Why is this trade so good for the Brewers? Well...

1) We were offering Tony Gwynn for nothing in April.

Tony Gwynn Jr.'s skill set is twelve for ten cents. Good speed, solid defense, not a great amount of patience. Otherwise? They'd be starters. He was faster? He'd basically be Joey Gaithright. In short. He was not worth saving. So, he went on waivers. Nobody claimed him.

San Diego could have had him for nothing. But they didn't. They gave up...

2) A guy who is having a shlimazel of a May.

There's a statistic called Batting Average on balls in play. People are expected to hit somewhere between .290 and .310. Gerut was slightly unlucky in April (.280), but guess what his may number is? .179. He's hitting .223 right now. It won't stay that way.

He's moving to a more neutral park as well. He could do a Raul Ibanez season if he was healthy enough to get 500 at bats. That won't happen in Milwaukee without a slump or something akin to tragedy. But there is a reason why he will not lack for playing time in Milwaukee.

3) He is a lefty bat.

The Brewers are built to mash lefties. That's just science fact. Outside of the Fresh Prince? There's not a lefthanded bat to be seen. Until now.

He could bring 250 high quality plate appearances to Milwaukee's already high-powered offense.

Not earth-shattering. But it's a way to help replace Weeks' offensively.

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