Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I know. I know.

Those of you who actually read me for me are feeling abandoned for my twitter, which will have twice as many updates as the old blogamaphone by June 1st. But to borrow a line from JE Skeets? There's a new conspiracy.

There is no conspiracy.

Now sure, LeBron still trips over his own two feet and gets a foul call. But it didn't win the game. Mike Brown's incompetency wouldn't allow it. There's a potential dynamism to the Cavs. They could kill with a dribble drive motion sort of game. They have bombers to pass to.

And no matter what Doug Collins does, I'm still not at Step 4 of the Tebow scale. LeBron is awesome. However? The infinitesimally more highly rated series is going by the Wayside. Because Mike Brown is an incompetent.

Thus, no conspiracy.

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