Monday, September 15, 2008

The 10 draftable senior quarterbacks...

Those of you at the old site know that I am a bit of a draft nerd. Okay, it's a sickness. But still. It is what it is and I am what I am. And what it is?

Is a weak crop of quarterbacks. Seriously. You can put any junior of name value above the seniors, in terms of draftability. In fact, you'll be surprised at the #1 choice.

1. Rhett Bomar Sam Houston State (Injury prone, but his gunslinger Q rating? Spectacular.)
2. Curtis Painter-Purdue (Curtis failed his first big test. LOL CURTIS BLOW!)
3. Cullen Harper-Clemson (His shitty offensive line has cost him millions.)
4. Nathan Brown-Central Arkansas (Or as I like to call him, mediocre Scottie Pippen.)
5. Tom Brandstater-Fresno State (He missed an opportunity to become a top prospect. The Badgers pwned him with elite speech.)
6. Brian Hoyer-Michigan State (Game manager. Yawn.)
7. Hunter Cantwell-Louisville (Physical gifts keep him from falling too far.)
8. Chris Piziotti-Harvard (The Giovanni Carmazzi of this draft class.)
9. Chase Holbrook-New Mexico State (A Bledsovian quarterback whose system will hinder his draft slot. And maybe his future. Mummeball can kill him.)
10. Drew Willy-Buffalo (With a good game this week, he may find himself getting 4th round consideration.)

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