Monday, September 15, 2008

There must be a deeper story here...

Ned Yost got fired today. And during my time in search of a sufficient emoticon to celebrate my happiness on the matter, I got to thinking.

Has any playoff contender made a coaching change so close to the end of the season? And the only one I could think of would be the 1989 Michigan Wolverines. Steve Fisher got a shot at the championship because Bill Frieder thought Arizona State would be a better fit. Different circumstances entirely.

But the fact is? Something had to be done. The Brewers were 3-11 in September. Mike Lamb's veteran influence has done nothing to stop the team from being awful. There was no other real change that could be made.

And with Ted Simmons becoming Dale Sveum's trusted advisor, and the Cubs seemingly having everything turn their way? By the way, nice job WGN. Becker's freaking awesome today! Ted Lilly's working on a no-hitter again today if you didn't know.

Redepmtion is only 3 games away. And if Sabathia beats Harden and Sheets beats Dempster? This hope becomes founded. If not?

I'm going to want the deeper story.

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