Monday, September 1, 2008

I believe that political points of view are malleable.

There are several events in a persons life where if fate just turned left instead of right? Their point of view would be different. I mean, me at 35 is different from me at 27 is different from me at 19. And you all know the Apocryphal quote from Churchill, am I right?

That being said, something came across the transom that if it comes true would break any chance of me ever voting Republican again if it comes to pass.

"Sen. McCain signaled he may give his acceptance speech via satellite from the disaster zone. [from Hurricane Gustav]."

Seriously. He wants to accept his nomination amidst the rubble of a very powerful Hurricane. In terms of dick moves? This is between sleeping with your brother or sister's spouse and stealing key resources from a charity.

This is thinly exploitative. This is trying to make your bones on the back of the frightened and the suffering. Bush wasn't stupid enough to pull this shit in 2004. And you know what? He pulled every other god damn trick in the book.

I once respected John McCain. Maybe I was young and stupid, but I did. But you know what? He's a weathervane. He goes where his instincts tell him politically. And he might actually do this.

He's going all-in for the Presidency, and if he gets in? We are fucked. Fucked fucked fucked.

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