Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vince Young's situation is really quite simple...

There are plenty of people who have a natural talent of some sort, and it allows them to have an easier time in life. Some can get to high school on it. Some can get to college on it. Hell, some even become professionals on it.

You coast. Everybody's done it. But here's the problem. At some point it all catches up with you.

Real life stares you in the face. And you don't have the skill set to handle it. Every generation has intelligent men and good men who find that the skills that allowed them to get through the younger days are not enough. And the fact is, when you find yourself lacking you get scared.

You have bad days that become bad weeks. You say stupid shit and you scare your moms. It happens to everybody. This is how we measure ourselves as people.

If VY can get through this stronger? Good on him.

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