Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonight, if you're a football nerd?

You'll find out just how bad off the Big East really is. Tonight Baylor plays UConn, and while UConn is a middle of the pack team in the Big East, Baylor is still bottom of the barrel in the Big 12.

It's a young team and there's hope for the future, but this team is going to have to steal a win or two to get to 5 wins overall. And yes, UConn is 3-0. But Virginia is Syracuse/Washington State bad, and they struggled versus Temple. Yeah, I'll admit Temple isn't a total punching bag, but they're a 4 win in the MAC.

So what does this mean? Baylor can go up to Storrs and win. Yes. I believe the Japanese dual threat Robert Griffin can be masterful. UConn was very lucky last season.

Baylor 23
UConn 20

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